FAQ / Logistics

Great. The dock area is steps away from the Studio area. The studio is easily accessible via the overhead door.

The doorway is 2,45 mtr/8 ft wide and 2,80 mtr/9 ft high.

Sorry, all road boxes, equipment cases, hampers, etc must remain inside your studio unless approved by the studio manager. Under no circumstance can equipment of any kind block fire exits including sets. All fire exits must remain clear by 2mtr/6 ft.

In most cases yes. Items left over are contingent on storage availability. We ask clients to fill out an Outgoing Log listing what items to be picked up and when. This is helpful with facilitating pick ups.

Productions/Photographers are allowed to bring any equipment at no additional charge.

Yes, we can arrange to be open according to any production schedule. Our regular studio hours are 9A-6P. Late/Early or Overnight shoots incur an hourly surcharge.

6 cars can be parked on private ground in front of the studio, and also enough free parking spaces in the area.

Yes, any studio can be rented for holding, catering, make-up stations, changing booths etc. Shooting actual photos or video footage is not required.

FAQ / Booking

Yes, we do not publish our calendar but if you send us an email or call the studio with specifics of your shoot and dates we will be happy to let you know our studio availability for those specifics dates. It is also possible to fill out the form on our website @contact.

The easiest way to book a shoot is by calling (+31650747215) or emailing (studio@rooff.nl) directly and discuss the specifics of your shoot with our helpful studio staff. Office hours are from M-F, 9a-6p. Calling 24hrs is ok too, leave a message and someone will get back to you asap.

Studios can be held for no charge leading up to a shoot becoming confirmed. If another group makes an inquiry on the same studio a second HOLD will be placed on the studio, in the order of which they arrive. If a lower HOLD decides they wish to confirm, others holding above are contacted via email and must confirm or release the date within 24 hours. An email from STUDIO ROOFF will be considered adequate notice for a 24 hour right-of-first refusal release regardless if a return confirmation of such email/voice notice is received by us. Once a shoot is “CONFIRMED” you are responsible for payment of studio charges.

Yes, you are allowed to hold/book as many studios as you like for as long as you like based on availability. If you need complete exclusive use of the space this is known as a “Lock-out”.

Lock out rates vary and are different from our standard rates. Holding more than one studio is allowed but please do not hold studios you will not need out of courtesy to others.

No for studio rental and other services tax is not included. Equipment rental, expendables, coffee bar charges, etc are charged standard sales tax.

Yes we do. Call the studio for more info or visit ….

FAQ / Practical

STUDIO ROOFF is not a sound stage

Yes, however downstairs and upstairs are on the same central HVAC system, so will respond together to adjustments. There is no airconditioning available.

Yes, we have ongoing relationships with most of the major rental and expendable houses in the production corridor. Just ask and we will be happy to source your equipment and have it waiting for you in the studio when you arrive.

You can download the floorplan and electrical plans below.

The ceiling downstairs is 7 mtr/ 23ft. The ceiling upstairs is 3,20 mtr/ 10ft.

STUDIO ROOFF is equipped with 4x B16 AMP x 240 V and 1x B16 AMP x 400 V

Provided you secure the proper permits from the City, yes. Any cantilevered rig, overhang, crane arms extending above the building or adjacent to the façade must be approved by STUDIO ROOFF in writing and the building landlord. We will assist with this process. Call the office for more info.

Power will be charged as used. Studio staff is always included.

That is not possible yet. However we can darken the studio if required.

In some rare cases we may allow the wall to be painted another color other than white (e.g. extended shoots) Permission must be obtained from STUDIO ROOFF in writing before painting the walls any color any time. Paint must be industry standard flat water based paint. Light, neutral colors are favored. The fee to restore the wall to original white is € 750,-. Pricing is based on the labor involved of which requires primer and 3-4 coats of white with an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour drying time between each. In addition, there are no patterns or graphical designs allowed.

Yes, please inquire.

Yes, please.

FAQ / Food & Drinks

We serve Nespresso coffee as well as offer an assortment of cold beverages, light snacks and other fare.

We can arrange craft/catering service if needed. We also have some great recommendations, as well as a menu binder (located in office) for last minute vittles.

FAQ / Health & Safety

No. Smoking outside only.

Factsheet Studio Rooff


All the questions we think you could ask, as a handy PDF. Send it to your team, professionals or support crew.